Afbeelding 2

New Album

Photographer © Jos Knaepen

We are very proud to announce that coming September a new album of Toots Thielemans will be released on Challenge Jazz. The international jazz hero of Belgium will present European Quartet Live on the Middelheim Jazz Festival in Antwerp on Saturday 14th of August. Toots Thielemans band: Karel Boehlee, Hans van Oosterhout and Hein Van de Geyn, exists for years now and played many concerts in various places.

Then there was the tour in Holland in 2006. Many theaters, great audiences that always embraced us with so much warmth. Chris Weeda, the sound engineer, was the fifth member of the band. Always making the music sound warm, full, generous recording many of the performances. The music was strong, confident, full of life and vibrancy. Toots played so well, as did everyone. There were more concerts the years after and we found ourselves with a wealth of recorded material. This album represents Toots live performances. An album that captures the joy, the risks and interaction and captivates the majestic melodies, the singing of a man who lives such a life filled with music and emotion.

A wise old man, with the spirit of a teenager. The delicate Balance between the introspective and the exuberant always giving with the desire to communicate to the fellow musicians and to the listener. Toots words: “Between a smile and a tear” , situate these sublime live-recordings taken from concerts of Toots Thielemans with his European quartet.